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Welcome to my Reading Resources! Use the links above to navigate to the pages of resources for parents, students, and teachers. Enjoy!

For Students

Listed below are fun reading-based games and activities for students. 

Below is an ABC book with a page for 26
characters in the Harry Potter series.
Click through the Prezi to learn
more about the characters.

Click on the pictures to go to the websites!

This site has educational games
and apps. These games are for grades
kindergarten through fifth grade.

Spelling,  language arts, and reading
comprehension games. This
website also has study help.

Games from ABCs to reading comic books
and nonfiction texts. This website has
poetry, songs, fables and folktales.

This website has many games to
practice spelling words. Put in your own
spelling words or use the ones on the site.

Express your creativity by writing stories
with this website. Upload or create your art
and write the story to go with it.

Interactive games from beginner to
advanced. These games focus
on things like letter sounds,
antonyms, and synonyms.

Famous authors, singers and celebrities
read popular books aloud. Follow
along with the animated pictures.

Play arcade games while
learning new things about
reading. Create raps, solve
riddles, and play games.