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Welcome to my Reading Resources! Use the links above to navigate to the pages of resources for parents, students, and teachers. Enjoy!


Listed below are a variety of resources that can be used with an interactive whiteboard.

(Many of these resources require SMART Notebook to open.)

SMART Exchange is a resource forsearching and browsing SMART
Board lessons and tools.

Penn State has a free, public resource
of interactive whiteboard games.
These can be played directly on any
integrative whiteboard and
use the 7 domains of reading.

An interactive whiteboard game
to work on finding details in reading.
This is one of the games from WPSU.

This SMART Board resource is anengagement activity on consonant digraphs
of sh, ch, th, and wh. To download
the SMART Board click on the picture
above. Also, please refer to the lesson plan
below to see how I implemented this whiteboard. 

An interactive whiteboard from two of
my fellow Graduate Assistants- Sarah and
Megan. The lesson is on three types of
nonfiction text.

Another interactive whiteboard from a fellow
GA, Whitney. The whiteboard is on
the word families -at and -ake.

Use this website for free interactive
whiteboard resources. These can be
played without special software.

Podcasts About Interactive Whiteboards

Preston College's podcast on using interactive
 whiteboards in the classroom.  This describes
the best practices for using whiteboards
to teach a variety of concepts.

A podcast that explains
how to use SMARTBoard
in your classroom.
Although it focuses on math,
the ideas can be used
in all areas.

(A variety of interactives to use on the interactive whiteboard)

(Beginning reader games, fun, lessons)

(Basics for reading, sci., math, and computers)

(Interactive quizzes on standardized test-type material)

(Click on Classroom Resources for reading and writing activities.)

(Makes spelling fun—activities—spelling list by teacher.)

(Ages 5-12; on-line activities in subjects)


This video describes one way to use
an interactive whiteboard to teach reading
and writing conventions. This video
shows how to teach pronouns.