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Welcome to my Reading Resources! Use the links above to navigate to the pages of resources for parents, students, and teachers. Enjoy!

For Teachers

Listed below are a variety of resources to use in your classroom!

Make sure to emphasize the use of this resource website to your students and their parents.

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A reading strategy created by Kelly Venia and
myself explaining Four Square Vocabulary.


A free podcast of Reading
Strategies for Educators.
It includes podcasts of educators
modeling the strategies with their students.

A free podcast of Kindergarten
students describing their reading strategies.
It includes word decoding strategies.

A podcast on new and
relavent information for
teachers. Listen for
professional development and fun.

Click here to go to Reading Rockets

Teacher Materials

This website is an open marketplace
for teachers to sell and buy materials.
Many of the resources on this website
are free for download. This site includes
word documents, interactive whiteboards,
PowerPoints and more.  

This website is similar to
This website includes the same
download accessibility in
a different format.

This site requires a paid account to download
and view specific content. Much of the
content is accessible for free. This includes
articles, games, printables, and books.

Crayola For Educators is a great resource
for printables for handwriting, letters,
and writing. It also includes articles and
lesson plans.

This website allows its users to type
anything and then print.
This site offers numerous
graphic organizers. 

Videos and Games to Use in the Classroom

Become Detail Detectives with your students!
MysteryNet is website of mysteries appropriate
for reading aloud to 2nd to 3rd grade or
having 4th or 5th graders read themselves.
Finding solutions to mysteries builds the
skill of finding details.

Kerpoof is a creative studio
for creating cards, movies, pictures,
and stories. The site allows
students to work on spelling,
visualizing, and expression.

Click on the grade level to
visit the correct site.

Reading Street - First Grade

Reading Street - Second Grade

Reading Street - Third Grade

Reading Street - Fourth Grade

Reading Street - Fifth Grade

Reading Street - Sixth Grade

This website goes along with the
Reading Street basal series for 1st through
6th grade. It includes games and
supplemental materials.

Flocabulary includes songs and videosto help teach reading and
literary concepts. The site includes
upbeat explanations of grammar and
strategies for writing and reading.

The chart below can help you find the Reading Level of your students and the books they are reading converted into other scales.

Click through the Google Presentation to find out
Three Things Every Teacher Should
Know About Words and
Vocabulary Instruction